The Grunt longbow is a Reflex/Deflex design that is a
smooth shooting, hard hitting, and stable bow that is
absolutely dead in the hand.
The arrow shelf is cut to center and is radiused with
the high point directly above where the shooters hand
and grip meet, allowing the bow freedom of movement
with little effect on the arrows flight.
The locator grip fits the hand perfectly every time
for consistent accuracy. Depending on which works
best for you, the grip can be custom made in high,
medium or low wrist. Optional finger grooves can also
be incorporated at no additional charge. A hand
tracing is required.
Every bow comes standard with reinforced tips to
allow fast flight strings to be used and comes ready
to shoot with shelf rest and a D97 Flemish twist
string with silencers and nock point installed.
Other standard features include your choice of
maple or action bamboo core material and are
available in lengths ranging from 58" to 66". A satin
finish of incredibly durable Fullerplast makes this
bow nearly bulletproof. Gloss finish is available for
a small fee.
How much for all this you ask? $400 plus shipping
includes everything except for some of the more
exotic expensive woods. I would love to make you a
bow that not only looks and performs great but
would also like to add your personal ideas to make it
truly "your" custom bow! Let's talk it over.
All bows come with a 1 year warranty limited to
defects in material and/or workmanship, not
including abuse or normal wear and tear. Neglect,
abuse, improper stringing and dry-firing void the

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